Whether it a concealer palette or the eyeshadow palette, there are usually just a couple of colors that we have. Palettes are usually expensive, so get refill eyeshadows of the colours you want and put them in an empty container to create your custom eyeshadow palette that you can really use, will save you a lot of money as single colours or refills be means not as much as palettes.


The most important thing is to choose the right colors for your palette. If you don’t know what color to pick, then go with the one that suits your palette.

DIOR Custom Eyeshadow Palette is one of the most impressive.

But if you need to stay able to more easily create the eyeshadow or blush palette without getting to move with this lot related with depotting, there exist a lot of brands that allow you to do just that. Not only is it entertaining to organize your personal palette, but because you choose every color, you realize there’s nothing you won’t make any usage out of. So if you’re itching to make it a try, here are 10 brands that permit you to choose the products and create the pallet. Believe me; you’ll enjoy getting a palette full of products that you personally choose.


1.- DIOR Custom Eyeshadow Palette is one of the most impressive, customizable-palette choices. It includes a gel that transforms eyeshadow into precise eyeliner

2.-Urban Decay DISTORTION Eyeshadow Palette

3.-Kalolary 42PCS Professional Magnetic Palette Empty

4.10 Colors Warm Long Lasting Exotic Customs Eyeshadow Palette Collection

5.-Zuzu Luxe Natural Eye Shadow Pro Palette Refill


But remember that for the best makeup there are some beauty rules you should break. before you start using it. If your palette is too heavy, then try to use only natural shades and apply them in a way that will make your eyes look more beautiful. You can also use a combination of natural and artificial colors. You can even add a little bit of color to your palette by adding some black or white.

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