Lady Gaga Makeup Line

Lady Gaga Makeup Line: Lady Gaga is the queen of transformations, so it seemed natural that she should eventually decide to launch her very own makeup collection. In an interview prior to the line’s release, Lady Gaga revealed that Haus Laboratories is about “liberation” and encouraging people to see the beauty in themselves. A few of the most highly rated products include the Glam Attack liquid shadow, a highly pigmented eyeshadow that can be used all over the face; the RIP lip liner, noted for being exceptionally creamy and smooth; and the Eye Armor kit, which features an inky-black liquid eyeliner as well as stickers that can be used to simulate the perfect cat-eye.


Lady Gaga makeup line includes a new line of lip gloss, lip balm and eyeshadow.


The line includes:


Glam Attack Liquid Shadow, multiuse pigments can be used all over your face.

  • Glam Attack in Legend and Aphrodite: makeup looks alike nomakeup effect, natural.
  • Glam Attack in Rose B*tch: Gaga´s pink face easier than ever.
  • Glam Attack in Dynasty: heavily pigmented yet lightweight eye shadow that’s built for finger application


RIP Lip Liner

  • RIP Lip Liner in Myth: nude effect for a lip gloss with amazing moisturizing, creamy texture.
  • Le Riot Lip Gloss: if you like to be comfortable, it´s your perfect gloss.
  • Le Riot in Entranced: a little bit shine for your lips. Le Riot in Scream: red shine lips never dies


To finish: Eye Armor Kit

Tanno and Gaga wanted women at home to have the ability to create Gaga-level wings in seconds


Lady Gaga makeup line: This is a new look for the ladies of today. The new look will make you feel like a queen or a Rockstar! It´s up to you!


The new line has obtained great recognition among famous personalities, Even Oprah has selected the brand in «Oprah´s Favourite Things 2019»


A sure hit!!

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