euphoria makeup looks

Euphoria is our current favourite entertainment tv show, along with the rest of the world, and we can’t make enough of these complicated characters, painful stories full of drugs and teenager parties. Makeup on this serial has its own life and protagonism, Euphoria makeup looks are incredible!. The colour combinations and innovative use of glitter are so cool, they’re most unreal, and we needed to know exactly how to take this feeling. So if you want to re-create maddy’s intense look or jules’s saintly sparkle brows, we’ve classified all their styles and looks to make it easier for you to recreate at home. Whether you’re interested in imitate one of euphorias makeup looks or you just need a bit more glitter and fun to your make-up, this is the best Euphoria makeup looks calssification. Let´s go!


Maddy’s lipstick is a perfect match for your lips. It’s soft, creamy and has a lovely pink hue that will keep you smiling. We recommend using it on your lips to give them a nice glow.

I definitely haven’t reached my full power. – (Jules)

Jule´s eyeshadow a full of colours eyeshadow gives you a vibrant look with its unique blend of natural light and dark tones.


Rue´s glitter is a great choice for any occasion. It’s an easy way to brighten up your face and make sure you look good.

Cassie´s look is like a figure skater makeup, with nude lips, perfect skin and smoked blue eyes. Perfect makeup for any special occasion.

Kat, she use´s strong powerfull colors for her makeup and she always makes sure she has the right amount of lipstick. Her mascara is also a must have in every outfit.

Lexi´s style She use a very interesting combination of shades from smoked purple to lilac. It’s a fun color to wear on your face. The best part about this makeup is that it doesn’t need to be expensive.

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